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Welcome, to Cargolux Virtual

"You name it, we fly it!"

Why join us?

At Cargolux Virtual we aim to give you the best online systems, this includes a state of the art CrewCentre and a very easy to use discord bot which allows for easy route finding, quick links and commands to make the staffs job slightly easier and also so they don't make any mistakes.

At Cargolux Virtual we have some great staff and we're always looking for new or experienced staff willing to help out new or experienced pilots. Our current staff have all had to go through the test and staff test so you can be certain you are getting the best possible help possible

At Cargolux Virtual we have 768 Cargolux routes that are all real life operations and as we continue through the years and get more codeshares and new route ideas our routes will soar through the numbers.

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